Take a look at some highlights from my musical journey below



"When I first heard this song, I immediately heard a more blues/jazz arrangement of it in my head. I loved performing this song and I met a lot of new people on this shoot who were all very talented and kind." -MJ


Sing/A Sky Full Of Stars

"Filmed at Judson University, this is one of my favorites. Also featuring my very well worn/loved Converse." -MJ


Yellow flicker

"This was around the time that I started arranging my covers more on my own. I had fun really taking artistic license on this one and re-writing parts of the lyrics and melodies." -MJ


If This Was A Movie

"I remember we drilled holes in a hose and attached it to the ceiling somehow and made it rain in a living room for this. We had one take to film the whole thing because i’d be soaking after. To this day when people ask me what my favorite moment in music has been so far, I say it was moment 2:48 of this video." -MJ



"I love this one because the arrangement is simple and the message is uplifting." -MJ



 "I love secrets because a lot took place during that period of my life in a short amount of time and the video sort of walks the audience through that history." -MJ


Rolling In the Deep

"We recorded this one in an ice rink. I wiped out multiple times during that shoot." -MJ


Jar of hearts

"We recorded this the same day we recorded Price Tag. I remember going to Pei Wei in Nashville and eating so much fried rice after this." -MJ


Price Tag

"I wore those Converse every day basically that entire year. It was the saddest day ever when I outgrew them." -MJ



 "I was obsessed with this song when it came out. I had no life experience with love at age 11, but for some reason felt a deep connection to the lyrics." -MJ



"The original performance of this song was filmed in my guitar teacher's living room. I came over for a “jam session” and he decided to film it. This cover has been very good to me." -MJ